How to improve your Social Selling Index for Lead Generation on Linkedin


LinkedIn, with its two-decade presence, remains an underappreciated gem. Over the years, I've harnessed its potential for career advancement, job prospects, networking, and B2B sales. My journey with LinkedIn content sharing spans a couple of years, while my networking endeavors on the platform stretch over a decade. Although I've been leveraging LinkedIn effectively for years, I only recently discovered the platform's "Social Selling Index," a tool that quantifies one's prowess in social selling.

What is the Social Selling Index?

The Social Selling Index (SSI) represents a unique personal score, ranging from 0 to 100, that reflects your social selling endeavors on LinkedIn. This score, which is private to you, fluctuates based on your engagement and activities on the platform. To view your current score and its detailed breakdown, click here.

The overall SSI score is derived from four pivotal components:

  • Establishing your brand
  • Finding the right people
  • Engaging with insights
  • Building relationships

What Does a Higher SSI Imply for You?

A higher Social Selling Index (SSI) score signifies the potential effectiveness of your social selling endeavors on LinkedIn. Essentially, the greater your score, the more fruitful your sales efforts on the platform are likely to be.

According to LinkedIn, individuals with a higher SSI:

  • Generate 45% more sales opportunities compared to those with a lower SSI.
  • Are 51% more likely to meet or exceed their sales quotas.
  • And notably, 78% of social sellers surpass their counterparts who don't leverage social media for sales.

What is a good social selling score?

A score exceeding 70 is deemed commendable for those aiming to enhance their prowess in social selling. For those aspiring to be exceptional social selling leaders, a score above 80 is advantageous. With such a high score, you'll likely observe a marked improvement in cold outreach response rates and overall engagement with your content on LinkedIn.

How to improve your Social Selling Index?

LinkedIn has already helped us with four key components that contribute to your LinkedIn SSI. If you want to improve your SSI, the key is to use best practices for each of the component and leverage LinkedIn effectively.

Here is our take on how to improve your LinkedIn Social Selling Index(SSI).

Establishing Your Brand

Just as a product/service or a company has a brand, you need to position yourself as one. A brand represents specific characteristics. For instance, Gillette is synonymous with shaving, Tesla with electric cars, and Hershey's with chocolate. Similarly, when someone mentions your name, they should be able to describe you in one to three words. If they can't, you haven't yet established your brand. Why is this crucial? Because the LinkedIn algorithm will also attempt to identify the category/characteristics you represent and promote your networking efforts within those categories.

Identify: Determine what you want to be remembered for. What should people associate with you after glancing at your profile for under 30 seconds? This task might seem straightforward, but it's challenging. A piece of advice here is not to position yourself for more than two characteristics. If possible, focus on just one specific characteristic, skill, or offering. For instance, you might want to be recognized as a Social Selling expert, a cold outreach specialist, or an enterprise sales authority. Choose your niche and stay consistent.

Communicate: After pinpointing your desired brand identity, the most crucial step is to convey this across various touchpoints on LinkedIn and beyond. Begin by overhauling your profile:

  • Use a professional headshot with a clearly visible face.
  • Craft a clear and concise headline that aligns with your positioning.
  • Write a summary that offers visitors a brief narrative about you.
  • Detail your experiences and skills to instill confidence and trust in your visitors.
  • Check our 6-step guide to optimize your LinkedIn profile for more leads here.

Broadcast: The subsequent phase involves broadcasting your brand and making your voice heard on the platform. Content creation offers numerous benefits, many of which you're likely familiar with. However, let me emphasize once more: producing content accomplishes several objectives for you:

  • Expands your reach within the network.
  • Positions you as a thought leader in your domain.
  • Bolsters confidence and trust among profile visitors.
  • Signals your willingness to engage on the platform.

Finding the right people

Strategically reach out by targeting multiple leads within an organization and identifying individuals based on their roles. This ensures you're deliberate about your interactions, the content you share, and the insights you gain. Engage with relevant hashtags that align with your profession and passions, and foster connections based on these interests.

Make yourself discoverable. Craft a headline that resonates with your desired audience, showcasing how you can address their needs and why they should approach you. Be concise, assertive, and transparent.

Leverage your current network. Interact with those you wish to see more frequently on your timeline to optimize algorithmic preferences. Observe your feed, note who your contacts interact with, and purposefully connect with individuals who offer mutual value.

Enagage with insights

Dive deep into meaningful engagements both within and outside your network. When you communicate—be it through direct messages, comments, or group discussions—ensure you're offering value.

Here's how:

Share with Perspective: When posting content, infuse it with your unique insights and viewpoints. This not only showcases your expertise but also enriches your audience's understanding of the topic.

Elevate Conversations: Avoid generic comments like "Thanks for sharing." Instead, contribute constructively to discussions, offering fresh perspectives or building on existing ones. If you're looking to enhance your commenting prowess, consider using WriteSmart’s AI-powered comments engine to position yourself as a thought leader using comments.

Authenticity is Key: Authenticity is highly valued on LinkedIn. Eschew generic, templated outreach messages. Instead, tailor each message to its recipient. While AI tools can help streamline this process, always review and fine-tune AI-generated content. This ensures you strike the perfect balance between efficiency and personal touch.

Build relationship

LinkedIn thrives on fostering genuine connections. At its core, the platform emphasizes the importance of building and maintaining authentic relationships. To truly harness the power of LinkedIn, it's essential to engage with your network consistently. This means reaching out, offering assistance without expecting immediate returns, and guiding newcomers in your field through the intricacies of the industry. A principle I've always adhered to is to give before expecting to receive. This proactive approach not only strengthens bonds but also positions you as a valuable member of the community. Remember, the essence of effective networking, especially on LinkedIn, lies in authenticity and mutual support.